Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Snapchat

Everybody knows Snapchat, one of the most popular social media apps in today’s generation.Snapchat is a video messaging app and a popular mobile app used for sending pictures, making video calls, and adding text drawings for transmitting to a controlled set of recipients. The incredible features in this app make a prospective attraction among youngsters and teenagers. The three most important elements like creativity, communication, and storytelling empower Snapchat for its huge growth. 

Picaboo was the first name of Snapchat and was launched in 2011. Picaboo was renamed Snapchat when the app was rebranded in 2012. Snapchat is developed using python programming language and can be easily installed on IOS and all android mobiles.

Snapchat is not only for sharing live photos, videos, and filters with others online but also it is a powerful marketing tool for lengthening your brand. Before starting your marketing on Snapchat, let’s discuss some more interesting facts about Snapchat.

1. More number of users.

Snapchat has more numbers of users than any other social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. In 2020, Snapchat had 265 million users per day. In the US, Snapchat ranked as the 6th most popular social networking app. When compared to other social media platforms, Snapchat has a more number of young users. 

2. Greater views.

Around 5+ billion snaps were created by Snapchat users every day in 2021. The views of Snapchat videos are now greater than Facebook’s. And Snapchat stories have become more popular. And 70% of the Snapchat users were females and over half of the user’s ages are in the range of 13-17. 

3. Swipe-ups and Content Marketing.

Snapchat is eye-opening for many marketers. Over 10 billion videos are being viewed every day on Snapchat. Mostly swipe ups help to interact with the ads and advertiser’s website. Snapchat is said to be the king of ephemeral content marketing. This marketing is the best way to create urgency thereby increasing sales. Influencer marketing is a promising way to grow your business.

4. Ads

Snapchat also plays a prospective role in advertising and provides a decent reach and consequences for advertisers. Snap ads are 5x higher than average click thru rather than many other social media sites. According to sources, snap video ads deliver the highest purchase sales compared to Facebook ads.  If you are interested in running ad campaigns on Snapchat, then they should focus on the users of the 18-24 age group.

5. Average time.

Snapchatters spend on average 25-30 minutes on Snapchat. This could be the major reason for more snaps being shared. The filters which they add for pictures and videos contribute to the average time increases.  Their filters on images are pretty impressive, humorous, and unique. The majority of Snapchat users are Gen Z users. 


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