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Google my business and Google Maps are essential for all businesses. They both are unquestionable tools for growing your business and amazing tools for improving your local company’s profile. Lots and lots of factors are responsible for not showing your business on Google maps. The most common issue is that your business is not verified by Google. If Google has not verified your business, then your business profile will not show up on Google maps. 


Location authority is the foremost reason business is not showing up on Google maps. Lack of location authority makes the business not be found on maps. Google maps closely looks at the local SEO, meaning if you are searching too far from your business, your business profile will not likely show up. Be more careful in that your search query has not eradicated your business from a distance. 


If your business listing is not relevant to your search query, then there are not many possibilities in Google to display your search results. Make sure that your keyword search is important. So for getting many results, usage of keywords related to that keyword is more necessary. More concentrated on selecting your category of keywords that reflects your business accuracy. Aiming the keywords from the range of high search volume to a lower range makes your description written naturally. 


The lack of information and details provided by you in the business profile will put you in the last position of the user’s search intent. The information that you offer is your business of Google in the way of its understanding. Google reviews are one of the best ways to improve your social proof. Google creates a lot of sense by verifying your reviews and driving the companies to rank. Creating more citations and if your business is mentioned somewhere, will give Google more confidence and encourage them to rank first. 


  1. If you move your business and your current location does not match your profile’s location, Google will suspend your profile. 
  2. Having multiple addresses for the same business.
  3. Due to some malware infection, your Google profile will get suspended. 
  4. Inserting unwanted keywords in your business name field causes suspension. 


Apart from minor problems, Google My Business (GMB) is a useful business tool. It helps to get your business notified easily locally, brings more clients, and maintains a high standard of services. 

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