How to change the theme on WordPress

Changing theme on WordPress

Visitors generally judge the company by looking at its official website design, so it is necessary to create a visually appealing website. Changing the theme of your website will surely redesign your website with excellent and marvelous fresh looks. We can see many stylistic options in WordPress without dividing them into separate pages. WordPress makes the theme-changing process super and extra easy for the users. In WordPress, it is easy to change the theme if the user ever changes his mind.

How to change your theme safely

  1. Setting up a staging copy of your website.
  2. Install new themes. 
  3. Activate the new theme
  4. Resolve and rectify the errors.
  5. Push your website live

Before changing the theme of your website, it is important to highlight what happens to your website when the theme is changed. The contents and the elements of your website will not be changed because of installing the new theme. Similarly, your site name, homepage, and description will also remain the same. Ensure you have a backup at a minimum before you are ready to move on.

If you are using some shortcuts on your site, after the theme-changing process some of the shortcut functions may be ceased, and theme widgets at times some specified themes which function outside WordPress will also stop functions. If you’ve created your website using a classical editor, the contents on your website never change. But in case, you used a build content editor, your content will not come through after you change the theme. 

So when it comes to changing the theme of your site, be careful with not only switching the theme but also the function of the site. Installing your WordPress theme is an effective method for making your suite more aesthetic and it surely optimizes the site’s performance. 


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