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A website is the first and foremost attention seeker for all businesses where the customers know your perspective view.  A healthy website should have a decent idea of customers and visitors from all the primary possible sources. A website that looks more professional makes your customers feel more trustworthy. 


Google Analytics is one of the most common and useful tools which helps us to know that the websites are doing well and provides a detailed survey of the site performance. The most significant role of google analytics is said to all traffic reports. With the guidance of traffic reports, you may study your website-related statistics which helps you to explore to make an impactful decision.


  1. The cheapest and most popular web tracking software is google analytics. It can track a huge amount of data about users including location, search terms, IP address, etc., It also visualizes other statistics like bounce rate and time metrics on site. 
  2. The reports generated by google analytics are such as Organic traffic
    • Organic traffic
    • Social traffic
    • Direct traffic
    • Referrals reports


The traffic sources in google analytics are the majority 

  • PPC advertisements
  • Search engine results
  • Social media 

and other channels redirect the visitors to our website.


The most 5 chief advantages/merits of Google analytics which for the best optimization of the site and to enhance your marketing attempts

Increases your website ranking

By studying and figuring out some strategies for SEO, you can easily lift your website ranking. The usage of apt keywords will boost your online traffic. 

Rise the time on the page thus increasing the bounce rate

If the designs and creativity level of your page is just in a mesmerizing way, then there might be a lot of approaches to enhance the user experience. 

Get a proper study about your latent customers

Knowing the locations of your interested customers and the users of your products will surely help you to make a specified marketing campaign on the objectives of the specific region.

Segmenting the users

Make a fragmented list of your users for the prospects of expansion of your business. And you target people successfully and employ them for the specified source. 

Making the right goals for your marketing

Last but not least! Yep, set your targeted goals on a profitable path. Goal setting step in your marketing is the most important step to enhance your company.

The above-mentioned will enable you to accurately assess the prominent performance of your website. Monitoring reports in google analytics is an unavoidable one. Even the main source of the traffic depends upon your website which you’re running.

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